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Les 3 Elephants

Les 3 Elephants is a boutique eco-resort facing the backwaters, in the touristic area of Cherai Beach, with the traditional touch.

Sukhayus at Cherai Beach

Sukhayus is an ayurvedic beach retreat with accommodation along with the massage services in the way of a retreat.

Le Petit Elephant

Facing the Arabian Sea, only 500 meters from our acclaimed mother property Les 3 Elephants, offering all the facilities of modern comfort.

Palm Beach Villa – Cherai

The unique design of Palm Beach Villa offers a perfect position and enviable views with 11 stylish contemporary villas.

Le Cafe – Cherai Beach

Le Cafe is a beachfront restaurant in the heart of Cherai Beach. The restaurant is known for its beautiful views of the Arabian Sea as well its fresh seafood.

Sukh Saagar

Sukh Saagar is a pure vegetarian restaurant that offers the best and highest quality delicious food, located in North Paravoor, Kerala

Cherai Ayurvedic Bhavan Spa & Service Villa

Cherai Ayurvedic Bhavan Spa is a beautiful place for relaxation and enjoying luxurious massages.

Samudra Resort and Restaurant Munambam

On the dream location of a minute away from the beach, this bed and breakfast come with exotic features.